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Switch ON ATC and Take Control

We build exceptional electronics products with high standards in quality, service and value. Maintaining our reputation for integrity and responsiveness keeps us at the top of our customer's list of suppliers.


American Technology Components, Inc. is an innovative, custom manufacturer providing products and services across multiple industries. ATC manufactures Audio/Video Controls, Switch Controls, Electronic Controls, RF Controls, Interior and Exterior 12V Lighting, Wiper Systems and Components, 12V Accessories and Molded Convenience items. Additionally, ATC’s engineering and sales teams work together with your company to create continued integrity for your application needs.

For more than 30 years, we have incorporated all our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities under one roof. This high efficiency, controlled, manufacturing environment allows us to produce world class electrical components and circuit board assemblies.

The sales, engineering and production teams at American Technology Components, Inc. design and manufacture from concept to circuit design, and then from tooling to a tested and finished quality product.

In addition to serving Transit OEM, Suppliers and Customization Markets, we also work for Recreational Vehicle OEMs, Distributors and Suppliers, Marine OEMs, Distributors and Suppliers, Heavy Truck OEMs, Suppliers and Interior Up-fitters, Van, Light Truck, Cargo & Limo Conversion Markets, as well as Utility, Cargo & Horse Trailer OEM Markets.

ATC is your one source manufacturer.