What We Offer

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Product Development

Our Experienced engineering staff can assist you in developing custom cost effective solutions for your electronic control needs. From simple motor or switch controls to complex multiple function control panels involving custom microcontroller programming, we can handle the project from concept to completion.

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Product Manufacturing

For more than 30 years, we have incorporated all our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities under one roof. This high efficiency controlled manufacturing environment allows us to produce world class electrical components and circuit board assemblies. Other capabilities include:

· encapsulated control modules
· custom wire harness assemblies
· custom logo engraved panels
· custom pad-printed assemblies
· custom A/V integration
· custom switch panels built to your exacting specifications

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End Products

The utmost care is taken on every component manufactured. Our number one priority is product quality and cost effectiveness to you, our customer. All products include a part number, and are fully inspected and tested prior to packing and shipment.




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